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Please find out for yourself why Primo Incense has been around since 1969.

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Don from Maine had this to say about Primo Incense:
'Since 1970 when I first experienced the Nasal Orgasmic Splendor of your product, Primo Incense has been a staple, a way of life for me. Each morning I wake up to a cup of green tea and a stick of Primo Incense. It's great for aromatherapy. Primo's rich hypnotic blends of ecstasy on a stick. I like the fact that there is little or no smoke. Primo is a sure thing for me.'

Thanks Don!

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Made from The Worlds Finest PURE Tree Powders NATURAL Essential Oils and FRESH Aromatic Herbs.

At Primo Incense you always get Extra Special Ingredients that make Connoisseur Grade Incense

Primo Incense The Worlds Finest Clean Burning Long Lasting Extra Special Incense.

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We Are Proud To Offer:

The Big Primo Tube $6.95
25 Gram Tube with about 25 Sticks
13 Great Fragrances in a Triangle Tube


Our Primo Super 5 Pack
125 gram with 5 25gram resealable bags
Only $21.95 Save $13


New Primo Ultimate 20 Pack
500 gram with 20 25gram resealable bags
Only $65.95 Save $73

See for yourself why over 246 million Primo Incense Sticks have been enjoyed since 1969.

We also feature a complete line of incense holders

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The burning of incense is a sacred practice passed down to us from ancient times. It has played an integral part in all religious traditions, which have sought to consecrate every aspect of our life in the cosmos.

Incense is the perfume of harmony. More than 150 years ago, the creator of Primo incense was inspired to create a new way to make incense. This process is still kept in his family and is known to none but themselves.

All Primo fragrances are prepared from carefully selected oils of exotic flowers, dried flower petals, sandalwood and other tree powders, charcoal and tree gums. Only the finest available materials are used for preparing Primo incense.

The method of preparation is similar to bread making. First, all the dry powders are weighed and placed together in a large tub in separate piles. Then the tree gum is dissolved with the oil. The dry powders are mixed together and the tree gum/oil mixture is added to the dry mixture. The ingredients are thoroughly mixed together by hand until the oils are completely absorbed.

Water is added to this mixture and it is kneaded to a dough-like consistency called Atta. The Atta and a bamboo stick are rolled together on a board until the stick is coated with the fragrant mixture. The sticks are then dried in the sun and bundled up for Primo.

May Peace and Joy Always Fill Your Heart

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Primo Amber Incense Big Triangle Tube

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Primo Incense Super 5 Pack

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